Real Estate & Construction

Real Estate & Construction

Real Estate & Construction

  Real estate and construction business are among SUNHOLD’S key businesses which providing services throughout the whole link of real estate pre-project development, financing, contraction, real estate sales and property managements. With profound professional knowledge, abundant practical experiences and wide relationships, SUNHOLD provides our domestic and foreign clients with high quality and efficient legal services such as civil engineering, city reconstruction, infrastructure projects, commercial buildings development, residences selling, property financing, security interest, mortgage and etc.


Real Estate

  SUNHOLD lawyers have abundant experiences in real estate business. With our experienced lawyers, SUNHOLD makes all efforts in the whole process of real estate development such as real estate company founding, real estate project initiation, approval, land use right obtainment, economic development, construction, booking, inspection, sales, financing, investment, guarantee, land resettlement compensation and other related areas. SUNHOLD lawyers assist our client to much efficiently and economically achieve their economic goals by the close combination of litigation services and non-litigation services. Many well-known Chinese real estate companies and public construction companies are SUNHOLD’s clients.

  Our Expertise:

  The founding of real estate corporations

  Acquirement of real estate approval and license

  Purchasing, cooperation and assignment of real estate

  Exclusive sales of real estate project

  Other legal affairs related with real estate project



  With a professional construction legal group consists of dozens experienced lawyers, SUNHOLD are one of the most influential law firms around the nation. SUNHOLD lawyers are familiar with laws and procedures related to real estate. Therefore, we could understand our clients’ requirement much properly and provides all-round, comprehensive legal services for our clients. Our services contain project establishment of building construction and other civil engineering, feasibility study, bidding, founding of project company, supply of complete equipment, project construction, operation and permission. SUNHOLD will assistant our client to achieve their business goals by providing legal services of financing, helping clients avoid legal risks and solving legal problems of business disputes.

  Our Expertise:

  Constructive project of residence area, villas, apartment

  Reconstructive project of old town and historic district

  Constructive projects of industrial area and economic development zone

  Business constructive project of luxury hotels and malls

  Constructive project of road, bridge and tunnel

  Entertainment constructive project of tourist sites, holiday villages and golf course

  Airport and dyke-dam constructive project


Property Management & Lease

  SUNHOLD lawyers have abundant experiences in property management and leasing. In the business of property management, our lawyers will assist clients to organize or choose property management company, found owners management organization, draft and revise property management agreement, coordinate the disputes during property management. With profound expertise and widely experiences in the businesses of property financing, selling, guarantee and mortgage, SUNHOLD lawyers provide excellent services for our client.

  Our Expertise:

  Property leasing

  Property financing, including bank mortgage & loans

  Purchasing & selling industrial, commercial and residential property

  Property guarantee & mortgage

  Operation of property development and management organization

  Disputes related with property