Intellectual Property

Intellectual Properties

Intellectual Properties

  With abundant experiences of intellectual properties, SUNHOLD lawyers provided all round legal services in the area of intellectual properties since its founding. Our legal services included patent, trademark, copyright and other related legal services. We represented many multi-national corporations which industries involving telecommunication, softwareInternet, semiconductor, biotechnology, medicine, automobile, aircraft, media, entertainment and etc. With the rapid development of Internet and high technology, SUNHOLD lawyers continuously improve our legal service quality in the area of Internet intellectual properties, electronic commerce, license transaction, franchise and other high tech intellectual properties businesses. Collaborated closely with famous trademark and patent agencies, SUNHOLD assist our clients to register trademark, apply for patent, register software and domain as well as customs protection of intellectual properties.



  Applying patent

  Sustaining patent of invention

  Substantive examination of patent

  Accelerated the procedure

  Made attached map

  Extended period

  Certificate of Priority and its copy

  Alteration of the description of project

  Request for cancellation, reexamination and invalidation

  Pay the annual fees

  Legal retrieval of novelty

  Request for recovery of right



  Consults for trademark registration, inquiring trademark

  Trademark licensed contract recordation and rectification

  Monitoring trademark and providing monitoring report

  Formulating trademark regulations for corporations

  Acted for trademark registration, renewal registration, transfer registration and changing registration

  Acted for trademark negotiation and signing the trademark licensed contract and transfer contract

  Drafting trademark licensed contract and trademark transfer contract

  Trademark legal counselor



  Inquiring and registering software

  Request for deferred processing

  Objection procedure

  Participating in arbitration

  Applied for non-sale software copy number

  Supplementary registration

  Sealed custody of original procedure

  Website name registration

  Copyright transfer, license and inherit

  Exceptional deposit

  Applied for administrative judicial protection

  Domain registration

  Internet intellectual properties disputes

  Examining software market

  Copyright disputes and litigation

  Copyright review



  Coordinated corporation capital operation, SUNHOLD could design license plan to convert invisible assets into share. We also represented our clients to negotiate, draft, examine and revise joint venture agreement, contracts, Articles of corporation and shareholder agreement which related with intellectual properties.



  SUNHOLD lawyers act for litigation, arbitration and mediation cases of patent, trademark and commercial secret infringement, illicit competition, copyright infringement. We also act for monitoring intellectual property infringement, investigating evidences of infringement, applying administrative investigation and claiming for compensation.


Anti-unfair competition

  SUNHOLD could provide all round legal services including acting for litigation when our clients encountered unfair competition as following: 

  Commercial mixture, false identification and counterfeit famous brand

  Commercial bribery

  False advertisement

  Conditional transaction

  Business or technology infringement

  Improper sales with prizes

  Sell goods at a price which is below the cost for the purpose of excluding its or his competitors

  Commercial libel

  Bid rigging