Corporate Law

Corporate Law


  Corporation Business is one of SUNHOLD core practices. With abundant experiences for decades of practices, SUNHOLD lawyers provided comprehensive legal services such as foreign direct investment, legal risk management, bankruptcy reorganization, bid, legal consultant, taxation and labor for domestic and foreign famous corporations, large and medium sized state-owned corporations and private sectors. SUNHOLD lawyers and experts not only actively participated in many structure complicated international and domestic trading of leading industry, but also provided long time sustainable legal services.



  SUNHOLD is one of the major law firm which providing all around and effective legal services in the area of item tender and project contract. We aim to helping clients to achieve their business goals through assisting our client to avoid and fully understand legal risks of each item and solve legal disputes in business and contracts.

  Our Expertise:

  Providing legal consults and services during the bidding procedure

  Releasing tender notice, drafting tender offer and opening a bid

  Providing legal opinion of tender offer and bid contract

  Item tender including instruction to bidder, request proposal, qualification examining, forms of the bid

  Drafting and submit the bidding files


Foreign Direct Investment

  SUNHOLD lawyers have long term and abundant practical experiences in foreign investment. As legal consultants of many famous cross-national corporations, large and medium-sized state-owned corporations and private sectors, SUNHOLD lawyers actively participated in many massive foreign investments. SUNHOLD’s services covered various aspects of foreign investments including pre-project legal structural plan, due diligence, drafting and negotiating the contract. With long time and abundant experiences of foreign investment, SUNHOLD lawyers could provide best legal solution which suits a specific item problem.

  Our Expertise:

  Providing sustainable legal services for foreign investments

  Providing corporation legal assistant

  Set up a foreign invested corporation

  Set up agency of foreign investors

  Private equity investments funds

  Liquidation and dissolution of foreign invested corporation

  Reorganization and share exchange of foreign invested corporation

  Takeover foreign assets and business


Bankruptcy reorganization

  SUNHOLD lawyers have abundant practical experiences in bankruptcy reorganization. We engaged in dozens of cases which related to bankruptcy reorganization. SUNHOLD lawyers represented domestic and foreign banks, financial sectors, securities companies, insurance companies, state-owned and private sectors, listed companies, joint-venture corporations and foreign invested corporations participated in the procedure of bankruptcy reorganization.

  Our Expertise:

  Applying and rejoining bankruptcy

  Participated in the negotiation of debt reorganization between creditors and debtors

  Due diligence of company reorganization

  Drafting, examining and revising reorganization agreement, debt agreement, compromise agreement, board decision and other legal files

  Obtaining the agreement or abstention of the third party

  Litigation, arbitration and implement procedure



  SUNHOLD has a first class lawyers group in the area of PRC Labor Law which had represented many large-sized stated owned companies and multi-national corporations in the cases of labor disputes. SUNHOLD lawyers have abundant experiences of due diligence. SUNHOLD provides all round legal services in labor law for banks, multi-national corporations, large-sized domestic corporations and industry organizations.

  Our Expertise:

  Drafting and revising of labor contract and employment contract

  Compliance review of corporation labor regulations and personnel manual

  Due diligence of personnel in the process of corporation acquisitions, purchase and reorganization, designing personnel resettlement plan and cost plan

  Handling personnel reduction plan and scheme

  Handling personnel resettlement and compensation plan

  Participating in negotiation between corporation and labor union and drafting collective contracts

  Representing corporations to join in arbitrations and litigation of labor disputes


Permanent Legal Counselor

  SUNHOLD legal counselor team consisted of experienced lawyers who familiar with company law, corporation managerial structure and basic situation of varied industries. SUNHOLD lawyers

SUNHOLD lawyers

  Our Expertise:

  Providing legal consults, suggestions and legal opinion

  Drafting, formulating, examining and revising related legal documents

  Participated in consultation, negotiation

  Providing lawyer’s letter and legal opinion, participated in non-litigation negotiation and mediation

  Issuing statement related to certain legal affairs

  Providing newest legal information and doing researching based on client’s requirement

  Providing legal opinion to major business decisions


Acquisition of Unlisted Company

  SUNHOLD lawyers have participated in large amounts of corporation acquisition business recently. Our lawyers are experienced lawyers with great qualifications and high level expertise which occupied as legal counselors of many large and medium-sized corporations. We provide all round professional legal services for founding, acquisition and reorganization program. We offer our clients with most suitable acquisition plan which could satisfied clients’ business targets. We could assist our client in the whole procedure of acquisition such as representing client in negotiation, valuing legal risks and due diligence. With our high efficient professional services, SUNHOLD gain high comments from our clients.

  Our Expertise:

  Corporation establishment and operation

  Corporation restructure and reorganization

  Corporation demerger and disbandment

  Corporation assets disposal

  Corporation bankruptcy and liquidation



  SUNHOLD taxation team aims to assisting clients in handling daily and special tax affairs. We emphasized the way to make achievements by using innovative and practical solutions. SUNHOLD taxation lawyers have profound taxation and financial knowledge with qualification of CPA and CTA. We also have cultivated good relationship with all levels of tax authorities.

  Our Expertise:

  Taxation compliance review 

  Individual income tax consults and plan

  Corporation tax plan

  Tax disputes 

  Cross-national trade plan 

  Financing tax

  Transfer pricing