Credit Management Center

Credit Management Center

Credit Management Center

  SUNHOLD Credit Management Center is a professional department which consisted with many fully experienced and well performance lawyers. With great professional skills and professional dedications, SUNHOLD lawyers aim to founding a top legal service team for disposition of non-performing asset.

  SUNHOLD Credit Management Center and its lawyers provide legal services for many finance sectors such as insurance companies and banks. SUNHOLD’s legal services help our client to recoup large amounts of losses and decrease the non-performing asset rate.


Due Diligence Service

  Due diligence refers to series of investigations in the process through which a potential acquirer evaluates a target company or its assets for an acquisition. This type of investigation contributes significantly to informed decision making by enhancing the amount and quality of information available to decision makers and by ensuring that this information is systematically used to deliberate in a reflexive manner on the decision at hand and all its assets, debts, operation, finance information, legal relations and all potential risks and opportunities. SUNHOLD Law Firm founded a legal service department for providing due diligence. As legal consultants for client’s assets and programs, all lawyers of SUNHOLD Due Diligence Service Department will answer the professional problems in the process of due diligence and provide much deeper legal services for our clients.


Contract Negotiation Service

  Non-preforming assets (including foreign currencies, real estate, bonds, shares, financial derivatives and debts) relate to contract law, biding law, banking law, foreign investment law, domestic and overseas merger and acquisition regulations, foreign debts and currencies management, policies of non-performing assets disposition. SUNHOLD lawyers offer top asset management services such as providing legal opinions based on related contracts.


Asset Maintenance Service

  It remains legal risks in the process of dispose non-preforming assets because non-preforming assets have various types and complicated legal relationships. In the process of dispose non-preforming assets, certain legal rights might be abandoned and disposal designs may violate laws and regulations due to carelessness and negligence. Therefore, the way to avoid this kind of legal risk is the instant issue people need to deal with. SUNHOLD’s lawyers assure client to reduce legal risks to the lowest point on the basis of accomplish all the task of non-preforming assets disposition.                                                      


Asset Disposal Service

  Asset disposal service refers to all means and ways in the extent permitted by law to realize and promote the values of assets. The range of asset disposal divided by asset form includes equity property, debt property and material property. The patterns of asset disposal according to asset realization include ultimate disposal and periodical disposal. Ultimate disposal includes bankruptcy liquidation, biding, auction, agreement transfer, discount for cash and etc. Periodical disposal includes debts convert to equity, debt reorganization, litigation, property preservation, corporation restructure, reinvest material property, lease material property and etc.


Asset Backed Securitization Service

  Asset backed securitization is a great breakthrough for bank to dispose non-preforming assets. Asset backed securitization includes legal evaluation of SPV assets, the design of trust (bankruptcy remote mainly), the design of credit enhancement and conduct bridge loan by SPV property transfer.