Legal Training Center

Legal Training Center

Legal Training Center

  In the 21st century, China has accelerated its pace of legal constructions. In the changing legal environment, the whole nation, society, enterprises and individuals are in the storm of legal reformation. It is urgent for all to obtain the latest dynamic of law and apply techniques in legal practices. Obviously, the dependence of corporation management is getting deeper and the legal confusions in operation become more complicated. Professional legal experts are expected to solve these problems and give instructions to avoid legal risks and loss. Legal training for managing staff is a must right now. SUNHOLD Legal Training Center was founded and providing legal training services for various clients since September 2006.


Enterprise Operation Course

Course Number       Course Name

EO-01    Evaluation & Control of Corporation Legal Environment and Risks

EO-02    Legal Thoughts & Risk Control of Senior Managers

EO-03    Corporation Management of Legal Construction and Standardization

EO-04    Legal Risk Control of Decision-making Procedure & Operation Practice

EO-05   Legal Practice & Countermeasure of Corporation Organizing Construction Overall Optimization

EO-06    Analysis the internal structures and legal effects of a limited liability company in legal view

EO-07    Corporation Rights Allocation & Legal Risk Control

EO-08    Corporation Internal Control & Managing

EO-09    Legal Risk Evaluation & Control of Corporation Merger

EO-10    Legal Risk Evaluation & Control of Corporation Acquisition

EO-11    Legal Risk Control in Share Transfer

EO-12    Corporation Business Secrets Protection & Practice

EO-13    Corporation Bankruptcy Application & Rights Protection in Bankruptcy Procedure

EO-14    Legal Practice of Administrative Purchasing Management

EO-15    The Analysis of Company Law Application & Case Study

EO-16    The Conception of Operation Bottom Line & Economic Crime Prevention

EO-17    Legal Practice & Countermeasure of Enterprise Commercial Bribe 


HR Courses

Course Number     Course Name

HR-01    Legal Risks Control & Countermeasure of Employee Recruitment, Entry, Appraisal and Dimission

HR-02    Employee Manual, Regulation Formulation & Employee Management

HR-03   Labor Managing Techniques of Special Staff 

HR-04   Case Study & Risk Control of Industrial Injury & Sick Employee Management

HR-05   Group & Remote Employee Management & Employment Scheme Plan

HR-06    Legal Misunderstanding & Practice of Labor Contract without a Fixed Term

HR-07    Reconstruction of HR Management in Newly Revised Labor Law

HR-08    Work hour, vacation plan & Overtime Working Risk Management under Newly Revised Labor Law

HR-09   Signing Skills & Risk Control of Various Agreements (Labor Agreement/NDA/Training Agreement etc.) under Newly Revised Labor Law

HR-10    Labor Dispatch, Human Outsourcing & Risk Control under Newly Revised Labor Law

HR-11    Performance Appraisal & Payment System Construction under Payment of Wages Bill

HR-12    Labor Disputes Arbitration/ Litigation Procedure & Practice Instructions

HR-13    Risk Control of Redundancy, Pay Cut and Vacation in financial crisis

HR-14    Practical Application of Corporation Commercial Secrets & Prohibition of Business Strife

HR-15    Corporation Retaining Talents Plan & Practical Application


Contract Arrangement Course

Course Number   Course Name

CA-01    Legal Control & Disputes Countermeasures of Enterprise Contract

CA-02   Contractual Legal Knowledge for Purchase/ Sales Staff & Contract Management

CA-03    Contract Disputes & Contract Risk Management

CA-04    Corporation Biding Knowledge & Analysis

CA-05    Contract Guarantee, Default Clause Application & Case Study

CA-06    Compared with Disputes Resolution (Litigation/Arbitration) & Practical Application

CA-07    Game and Countermeasures between Suppliers and Large Retailers

CA-08    Legal Risk Control of Clauses in Contract Negotiation

CA-09    Analysis and Application of FIDIC Contract Clause

CA-10    Legal Risk Evaluation & Prevention of Enterprise Contract in Economic Crisis

CA-11    Contract Management & Legal Risk Prevention under the 2nd Judicial Interpretation of Contract Law

CA-12    Corporation Account Receivable Management & Credit Risk Prevention

CA-13    International Trade Common Legal Risk Control

CA-14    Modern Corporation PO Contract Management, Risk Control & Negotiation Skills

CA_15   The Game ——Purchase Negotiation

CA-16   Purchase Risk Control——Purchase Management which shared by Legal Experts and Purchase Experts

CA-17   Purchase Market Development & Purchase Strategy Formulation

CA-18   Supplier’s Selections, Development and Evaluation


Intellectual Property Course

Course Number  Course Name

IP-01     Enterprise IP Strategy Analysis & Analysis

IP-02     Enterprise Patent Protection, Infringement Definition & Countermeasure Strategy

IP-03     Enterprise Trademark Protection, Infringement Definition & Countermeasure Strategy

IP-04     Enterprise IP Creation and Management

IP-05     The Analysis of Technology Contract

IP-06     Corporation Key Technical Staff Management

IP-07     IP Management and Protection for Research and Development Enterprise

IP-08     Software IP Risk and Protection

IP-09     Intellectual Property Issues in E-commerce

IP-10     Retrieval and Usage of Patent Documents

IP-11     Practice and Invest Policies of Patent Application

IP-12     License for Exploitation of Patent & License for Patent Transfer

IP-13     The Strategy Selections of Patent and Technical Secrets

IP-14     The Interpretation of the Regulations for the implementation of Patent Law

IP-15     How to effectively use of trademark and prevent its effects to be weakened?

IP-16     The Definition and Protection of Well-known Trademark

IP-17     Copyright Protection in Internet Information Environment


Internal Training Procedure

  Client presented internal training needs to SUNHOLD

  Client presents initial internal training needs to SUNHOLD and acquaintances SUNHOLD service procedures, service features, lecture abilities, charge standards and etc.

  Overall and deep-going needs investigation

  Experts of SUNHOLD Training Center will deeply communicate with related corporation staff and find out the issues for which client encountered. SUNHOLD experts will make fully preparations for clients and produce specific internal training schemes which suit our client’s expectations.

  Define the internal training scheme

  Based on research and investigation results, SUNHOLD will define the time, lecture, content and other information together with our client, and then make the final individual course content and internal training scheme.

  Made the internal contract

  Base the internal training schemes which both parties confirmed, our client and SUNHOLD will make the internal contract in which explicit both parties’ rights and obligations. Partial charge for internal training should pay advance.

  Preparing teaching materials

  Lecturer will prepare teaching materials such as PPT, trainee references and others combined with cases based on internal training outline confirmed by both parties.

  Internal Training

  Lecturer provides internal training which emphasizes pertinency and practice based on the agreement. 

  Effect Evaluation of Internal Training

  SUNHOLD Training satisfaction Survey which filled in by trainees could evaluate our lecturers’ level, course content, teaching form, study effectiveness. By this survey, we could provide tracking services and better services.

  Collect Remaining Charge (if it occurs)

  The remaining charge should be paid after the internal training ended 

  Tracking services

  SUNHOLD will provide two month tracking services for free after the internal training. Our client can communicate with SUNHOLD lawyers through telephone, e-mail and other communicative tools to solve the issues and problems which encountered during the internal training.


Ten Benefits for Legal Training

  Since various aspects of our society influenced by market economy, people’s requirements for working and living order is becoming higher and higher. Most Chinese enterprises are fight for the goal of being century-old shop. However, many enterprises never thought the way to avoid legal risks which formulated due to lack of standardization in the early stage of development.

  In the early stage of corporation development, corporation wished every single investment of 1 yuan would bring 10 yuan income. With the accumulation of wealth, the company completed the primitive accumulation of capitals. In this stage, company changed its attitudes and wished to earn 1 yuan by invest 10 yuan. In the guide of development is absolute principle, economic result is the only evaluation standard to judge an economical conduct in the initial development stage. Economic result priority will inevitably lead to large amount of illegal market conducts. Staffs, including senior managers, are lack of legal risk conceptions and do not aware the importance of laws and regulations. For the highest executive layer, legal knowledge is not compulsory but legal risk conception is a must. The most awful thing is that risk is in front of you but you ignore it. The reason of some companies developed rapidly and disappeared quickly is lack of legal risk evaluation mechanism. There is no way to avoid legal risk when it occurs.  

  How to prevent and avoid operation decision errors and decrease various litigation risks? Legal risk is a kind of commercial risks. It is necessary to found a set of risk defendant system to avoid legal risks. Legal training is the fastest way which could generate most remarkable result to set up risk defendant system. Legal training could provide well atmosphere to avoid and prevent any potential mistakes.


  I.  Legal training could eliminate corporation legal risk and potential legal problems in operation. To enhance senior managers’ legal conception is keynote of SUNHOLD legal training. It does not matter that the highest executive layer do not have legal knowledge because legal staffs and lawyers can fulfilled concrete legal practice, but the highest executive layer do not have any legal conception is quite dangerous because they have no idea of the corporation’s biggest risk.

  Preventing legal risk is including criminal, administrative and civil risks. Corporations and entrepreneurs are inevitably face more and more legal risks from property rights of enterprise, taxation issues to labor disputes between employee and employer. Those legal risks might cause great damages such as bankruptcy without notice. Individuals inevitably face various legal disputes and risks which might influenced work and life if they are not handled properly.


  II. Legal training equals legal diagnosing of enterprise operation risks. The feature of SUNHOLD Legal Training is to fit every client’s needs. In the beginning of legal training, SUNHOLD will require our client to fill in SUNHOLD Legal Training Requirement Survey Chart. This survey could tell us what kinds of legal service our client’s needs and its weakness. Otherwise, we provide half an hour for free asking time. Our experts will answer all the questions which clients’ put forwarded. SUNHOLD legal training could bring immediate effects for our client.


  III. Legal training could reduce legal staffs’ turnover rate. The features such as practical and professional of legal affairs define legal staffs are hard to advance themselves through corporation working. Legal staffs improve their working skills through studying (including self-studying and legal training). However, self-studying has its limitations. Although many legal staffs improve their academic knowledge through preparing Chinese Bar, it is hard to improve their practical abilities. Therefore, many legal staffs come up with the idea of transfer into a professional legal service institute. Most importantly, legal staffs might feel pressures if they could not update their knowledge on time. A successful legal training could reduce legal staffs’ pressures, increase their working interests, decrease the turnover rate and debase the cost of labor management.


  IV. Internal training could improve working activities and working abilities and lessens cost of management and supervision. Domestic legal education is lack of legal practice (such as case study, clinical legal education, moot court, legal consulting and practice internship). Even though several law schools have such legal practice courses, these practical teaching method still do not organized to be a combined system. That means law students should enhance their legal practical training in order to be qualified legal staffs. Legal staffs will turn their working attitudes from the stage of need to do something to the stage of want to do something. Then managers would reduce their managing and supervising work towards these kinds of legal staffs. 


  V.  The need of overall improvement for a corporation. A corporation will encounter the choke point of talent shortage. The core competence of a company is talent competence. It is unrealistic and dangerous for a company which deeply rely on core talents (especially legal staffs who in charge of core operation model and commercial business) from outside. Corporations largely depend on internal training to acquire distinguishing staffs. The dedications which core staff contributes to company mainly focus on new concepts and plans to solve problems. Corporation internal training should mainly reflect these two aspects. From our point of view, we believe that wealth come from new concepts and plans which to solve problems but not hardworking.


  VI. Shaping the most perfect company culture. Staffs will appreciate managing layer which providing opportunities to help them improve themselves. Corporation will has professional dedication atmosphere if it has staffs with right attitude and best skills. One major target and effect of internal training is improving working attitude and enhancing working skill. Our internal training will directly and completely satisfies employees’ self-esteem, achieves their self-realization, fully releases their potential and effectively attracts activities and creativity. Internal training will create company culture which every single employee will prefer to stay in this corporation which helps them to improve themselves.


  VII. The overall legal training for executive layer could solve the problems which several core employees’ leaving bring to corporation. Employees will communicate with each other and gain knowledge from each other through corporation internal legal training. Internal training also contributes corporations transfer implicit knowledge to explicit knowledge. The knowledge once depend on employees will become standard rules and operation material which written on papers. In this way, corporation will in charge of its own core knowledge. Corporation will never encounter such dilemma that does not dare to fire senior staff.


  VIII. Legal training brings much more information to company and provides more alternatives to solving problems. SUNHOLD legal training emphasizes the importance of practice and aims to resolute the legal issues of corporation operation. Supported by SJTU, SUNHOLD Legal Training Center has gradually founded a brand new legal service model with more than 100 experts from 10 key law school of China. During legal training, trainees could solve their legal problems face on face with legal authorities.


  IX. Internal training is an important platform for corporation acquires legal information and operation information. More and more companies find out that every legislation will appeared with great commercial opportunities. For example, the implement of a large number of environmental protection laws and regulations bring along the rapid development of environmental protection corporations. Meanwhile, SUNHOLD Legal Training Center will formulate legal training model consist with concentrate training in same industry and concentrate training in the whole product chain. SUNHOLD will be the platform between executives of different corporations by this new kind of legal training model. Information equals wealth. Managers not only gain legal knowledge but also more opportunities through internal training. Lecturers have a certain amount of social sources. During legal training, lecturer could share his/her social sources with trainees and bring much more developing chances for them. Internal training also could bring win-win results for both corporations and lawyer by using lawyer’s social source to expand businesses and develop strategic investment which will lead to capital appreciation of legal service. As free intellectuals, legal experts are most sensitive to the application of laws and regulations and legal staffs are in close contact with corporations and people. Legal experts and corporation legal staffs are legal talents which will make great contributions to legal construction. The modern law firm focuses on group working which could realize complementary advantages and improving service qualities.


  X. Internal training formulates better corporate images and realizes greater economic effects.


  Internal training will generate better corporate images and bring overall economic effects which enhance the general effects of training. Legal training is the best way to enhance legal conceptions and cultivate legal thoughts. In the modern law society and law era, we could only protect our rights and interests by enhancing legal knowledge.