Disputes Resolution

Disputes Resolution

Disputes Resolution

  With many experienced lawyers in the businesses of litigation, arbitration and other disputes resolution, SUNHOLD provide clients with constructive and pragmatic business legal opinions and suggestions which could settle trade disputes. SUNHOLD lawyers acted on behalf of many domestic and foreign companies and finance sectors for many influential trade disputes including contract disputes, real estate disputes, financing disputes, banking business disputes, securities exchange disputes and etc. We aim to do our best to protect clients’ interests which brought satisfactions to our clients.



  SUNHOLD Litigation Department consists of experienced lawyers who specialized in law suit and graduated from Chinese first class law school with master degree or above. Some of our lawyers have judicial working experiences in justice department.

  Our Expertise:

  Drafting the clause of disputes settlement in contract, providing opinion, suggestion and plan for dispute resolution

  Acting on behalf of foreign companies to participate in domestic litigation

  Providing legal opinion for Chinese law applied in foreign court

  Participating the negotiation of trade disputes related with foreign investors and providing resolution plan

  Acting on behalf of domestic companies and sectors

  Acting criminal, civil and administrative cases



  Since international arbitrations take places frequently with economic globalization, SUNHOLD cooperate with many other large law firms in the world which aims to satisfy our clients’ requirement in trade disputes.

  Our Expertise:

  International trade arbitration

  Acting on behalf of foreign investors in Chinese arbitration

  Acting on behalf of domestic enterprises in international arbitration

  International arbitration in Chinese arbitration committee

  International labor disputes in Chinese arbitration committee



  SUNHOLD lawyers could skillfully use forcible executions to enlarge our clients’ interests with lowest costs and highest speed within court’s judgement. With abundant experiences, profound expertise, responsible working attitudes and widely relationships, SUNHOLD lawyers will do our best to fulfill our tasks and realize our clients’ requirements.

  Our Expertise:

  Applying for forcible executions

  Acting on behalf of debtor participating in implementation

  Executive objection application

  Applying specified execution

  Credit investigation & property investigation