Finance and Securities

Finance and Securities

Finance and Securities

  SUNHOLD Law Firm is among those law firms which initially engaged in the practice of finance and securities. Over the years, SUNHOLD Law Firm has gained abundant experiences and participated in many financial programs with clients involved in chemical industry, mining industry, oil industry, insurance, banking and etc. SUNHOLD provided legal services for more than 3,000 companies and 300 companies among them were state-owned enterprises which had great national influence. SUNHOLD accomplished great achievements in providing legal services for commercial banks, policy banks, cooperative banks, shareholding banks, trust and investment corporations, asset management companies and insurance companies.



  SUNHOLD Law Firm is among the first group of law firms which approved to provide legal services in securities transactions by China’s Ministry of Justice and by the China Securities and Exchange Commission in 1993. Up to now, SUNHOLD provided excellent legal services of shareholding reformation, domestic and overseas issuance and listing of shares and bonds for more than 300 Chinese companies (account for 1/5 of listed companies of Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges). SUNHOLD cultivated a group of experienced lawyers whose expertise is to provide legal services in securities transaction.

  Our Expertise:

  Domestic & Overseas Issuance and Listings of Shares for Domestic Companies

  Domestic & Overseas Issuance and Listings of Shares for Foreign Investment Companies

  Domestic Issuance and Listings of Domestic Companies which Spin-offs of Listed Companies

  Issuance and Listing of Convertible Bonds, Enterprise Bonds and Financial Bonds

  Private Placement

  Securitization of Assets

  Restructuring of Assets

  Share Transfers



  Widely recognized for its expertise in the areas of finance and securities, SUNHOLD established a finance department for commercial financing, equity financing, syndicate and commercial loan. With SUNHOLD’s exceptional specification of work and advanced innovated spirit, SUNHOLD gradually become one of the most professional legal service team for finance. Based on laws, regulations, legal principles and legal practice of China, SUNHOLD lawyers offer constructive suggestion and solving plans with the understanding of questions and requirements which our client concerned. SUNHOLD serves industries including energy, transportation, real estate and other manufacturing industries. Our clients included banks, developers, project companies, builders and other related parties.

  Our Expertise:

  Equity Financing

  Project Finance

  Syndicate & Commercial Financing

  Callable Loan

  Loan Portfolio

  BOT Program Construction



  In the beginning of 21 century, SUNHOLD established banking department which practices including financing constructive plan, due diligence investigation, legal analysis, standard documentation preparing, and periodical reviews. SUNHOLD provided special or comprehensive legal services for Chinese capital, joint-venture banks and subsidiaries or branches of foreign banks. SUNHOLD banking department which gathers a group of legal experts and young elites in banking business become one of SUNHOLD core practice department since it founded.

  Our Expertise:

  Syndicated & Commercial Loans

  Non-performing Assets Disposition

  Risk Investment

  International Finance

  Financial Derivatives



  SUNHOLD gathers a group of professional insurance lawyers with profound theoretical knowledge and abundant practical experience. Acting as legal counsels for many famous international insurance corporations and their branches, SUNHOLD lawyers provided legal services of IPO and other works related to going public for many large enterprises, participated in the business of founding joint-venture corporations and share transfer and also provided legal consults, litigation and arbitration surrogate for policyholders and beneficiaries. SUNHOLD won our clients’ compliments and good reputation in the business.

  Our Expertise:

  Providing legal consults, agents and other related legal services for the establishment, acquisition, separation, modification, dissolution, settle accounts and cancellation for insurance corporations and their branches and insurance intermediaries.

  Acting as legal counsels for insurance corporations, their branches and insurance intermediaries, SUNHOLD providing all-around legal services for customers’ managing, the development of insurance products, the design of insurance plan, examining the influenced insurance contracts, credit information of insurance, insurances claims of loss and adjusting insurance disputes.

  Helping policyholders made insurance strategies, selected insurance type, modified contract, participated in insurance claims and adjusting insurance disputes.

  Marine and aviation insurance, foreign insurance business

  Insurance arbitration and litigation



  SUNHOLD lawyers not only are familiar with serving various legal services of domestic securities investment funds but also have extensive experiences in QFII application and operation as well as other international cross-border asset management.

  Our Expertise:

  The funding of domestic and foreign fund companies

  Analyzed the feasibility study of laws of fund products

  Providing legal opinion for various business of fund companies

  Providing legal consultant for fund companies

  Drafting legal files for fund distribution



  SUNHOLD lawyers have affluent business experiences and favorable background in trust business which could offer our clients’ greatest rights protection. SUNHOLD Trust Department has the most professional lawyers who master all laws and regulations of trust with reliable professional qualities and ethics.

  Our Expertise:

  Legal business for trust fund

  Legal business for property trust

  Legal business for entrusted management and investment

  Legal business for corporation finance and project financing

  Legal business for custody of trust

  Other legal business of trust


Acquisition of Listed Companies

  As one of the earliest group who provides legal services for listed companies’ acquisition, SUNHOLD Acquisition Department provided hundreds of legal service program for listed companies’ acquisition so far and built a stable relationship with certain intermediaries.

  Our Expertise:

  Takeover agreement of listed company

  Tender offer of listed company

  Assets reorganization of listed company

  Foreign capital acquisition of listed company

  Backdoor listing

  Crisis management of listed company

  Restoration of listed company


Private Equity

  SUNHOLD has a front position in PE business. In practice, SUNHOLD lawyers provided unique legal services of international private equity and risk investment program which would help clients adapt Chinese laws and regulations. We successfully provided legal analysis with innovative structures for our clients who participated in domestic PE and venture capital deals and earned the government approvals.

  Our Expertise:

  Venture capital investment

  Growth funds

  Acquisition funds